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Complete marketing unburdening


2017 - Present

Complete responsibility to ensure all marketing activities for Hutting Yachts are top notch. We are responsible for all external marketing communication with the main goal being international growth and brand recognition. After conducting research including customer interviews and comprehensive market analysis, a multi-year marketing strategy plan was developed. Its components include: rebranding, content creation, social media, direct mail, and full project management of events and international trade shows. The highlights? Photo and video shoots at sea and being captivated by beautiful, submitted photos from around the world.

Other activities

- Research & Strategy
- Branding
- Content Creation
- Social media
- Email Marketing
- Exhibitions
- Project management
- Website Design
- Events

In cooperation with

- Acitive perspective
- Bertel Kolthof


Hutting Yachts stands for quality and craftsmanship. Originally, the logo has always featured a wood plane as a symbol since its establishment in 1975. A wood plane is an authentic woodworking tool that carpenters and boat builders have been using for hundreds of years. In 2000, the logo was removed to modernize the brand. In 2023 we brought back the logo in combination with a sleeker and more modern design. This makes the logo more striking and distinctive compared to competitors, exuding authenticity, and the symbol can be used in subtle details in the production of the sailboats.

Content Creation

For the scripts for photo and videography, it's mainly about conveying the experience. For the latest video production, we opted for a cinematic style, focusing more on adding emotion and experience in the video, through careful adjustment of the pace, detail shots, and where music plays an even greater role.

We also initiated a concept where the yacht broker from Hutting Yachts gives an online 'walk-through' of the boats for sale.

Last but not least continuously reach out to Hutting Yacht sailors to submit footage of beautiful journeys; a great combination of user created content and real life footage!

Social Media & Direct Mailing

We are responsible for all the strategy and implementation on social media, mainly focusing on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram given the target audience. For events, trade shows, or to stimulate the sale of certain sailboats, we also set up social media ads.

In addition to social media, we create newsletters an average of 8 times a year for both regular customers and prospects, press, and fans.

Exhibitions and Project Management

Never underestimate the strength of offline marketing communication in combination with online channels. For Hutting we support them with the design of exhibition stands for various national and international trade shows, both indoor and outdoor. We also organize various events such as the annual open day, yacht christenings, and press events.