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2021 - Present

Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton Group is a Dutch wine merchant with a franchise model. The group consists of 11 stores and a webshop. Our challenge? To create a strong brand online that shows the quality of the group, but at the same time celebrates the unique character of every Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton shop.

How? By creating and implementing a strong content strategy.

Other activities

- Photography
- Videography
- Social media
- Email
- Online Ads
- Website design

In cooperation with

- Nina Slagmolen Photography
- Thom Loohuis Videography

Content Creation

In order to create content that resonates with the values of Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton whilst also celebrating the different shops, we have developed a clear content strategy that indicates the content needed and what goals to achieve.

You know what they say; content is king! To ensure we can implement the content strategy, we organise several photoshoots each year. During these moments we create the different visuals needed (statics and video) that elevate the brand identity.

From seasonal photoshoots such as the annual Christmas shoot, to video content that can be used for the weekly reels, we always have to get creative when it comes to showcasing the different wines. Luckily a glass of wine helps with the creativity!

Social Media

The power of building a strong social media presence lies in consistency and building a recognisable style. Since developing a social media strategy in 2023 and consistently creating content that stands for the quality of the group, we have doubled the amount of followers of the social channels!


In order to increase the visibility online, we have ensured to be active on several channels with the right content. On Google, we've implemented targeted Google Ads campaigns tailored to various wine-related keywords and the brand name of Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton. On Instagram we work together with the in-house team to create unique and personalised content that encourages interaction.