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Barentz International


Provide ongoing support to the in-house marketing communications team


2020 - present

Supporting the Barentz marketing department with different marketing activities ensuring alignment and optimisation of the brand. From developing exhibition stand designs, building an image database, organising internal events, as well as optimising the LinkedIn strategy and executing various video productions for internal communication, we can proudly say, we feel Team Barentz.

Other activities

- Exhibitions
- Copywriting
- Photograhy
- Videography
- Social media strategy
- Projectmanagement

In cooperation with

- Nina Slagmolen Photography
- BraveMedia Videography
- Motion Supply Videography
- Fairwise Trade show organisation
- Hanneke Boers (Food styling)
- Marie Claire Liem (Styling)
- Doris Broers – Make-up your event (MUA)

Exhibition Design & Project Management

One of our key contributions is assisting with the strategic design of exhibition stands that are perfectly aligned with Barentz' messaging, budget, and branding. The challenge is finding the balance between capturing the essence of the brand, being appealing while also making sure the message is effectively communicated within the allocated budget. This involves careful consideration of branding elements, messaging, and cost-effectiveness to create an impactful presence while staying true to Barentz's identity and objectives.

Content Creation: Photography

The strength of an exhibition stand design is largely determined by the visuals used. To ensure they align with Barentz' branding and to ensure authenticity, we are building a database with original content. By doing so, they are no longer limited to stock material for presentations and exhibitions.

The initial shoot we organised and produced was for Plant-Based materials for the Human Nutrition division. The end product, the dish, needed to take center stage. For this reason, we made sure only the end user was partially visible. The human touch in which the hands are positioned "ready for a bite" immediately draws attention to the end product. By doing so we were able to photograph the products in an original yet distinctive way without distracting from the main message.

Did you know that using too many images with faces at an exhibition stand can make the stand look busy and unwelcoming? That was also one of the reasons we decided to take photos with the end product as the main focus.

Content Creation: Videography

We have produced and managed various video productions for Barentz. Ranging from internally communicated 'end of year' video messages to farewell videos for board members and important informative updates and guidelines.

We are currently working on the corporate video for Barentz in collaboration with Motion Supply.