Brewing themselves to the ’22 Olympic Games

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Rebranding Brew’22 to fit the brand post-Olympic Games



Brew'22 was founded by Cornelius Kersten and Ellia Smeding to make their Olympic dream come true. They used their love for coffee to finance their journey by starting a webshop and selling one-cup filters and coffee beans. And guess what; they made it to the Beijing Olympics! Because they literally brewed their way to the Olympics (it's all-in the name..) they asked us to think about a strategic re-branding for post-Olympics to fit their new vision.

Other activities

- (re)branding
- Website design
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- Nina Slagmolen Photography

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We always start the (re)branding process by determining the positioning; the starting point on which all marketing activities are based. The positioning is determined by looking at key elements: the brand identity, the target group’s needs, the current (market) trends and understanding what the competitors are doing. By defining these elements, we were able to re-valuate the existing brand identity and shape the re-branding strategy.

Content Creation

Content is king! Having the right content elevates the visual identity if it’s in line with the brand identity and used correctly. Based on our findings and the advice plan we produced the photo and video content that needed to be created/designed that aligned with the new brand identity.


It wasn't only about upgrading the branding, but also ensuring the webshop was strategically redesigned to increase conversions (product sales). By incorporating functional colours, call to action buttons as well as consistently using brand elements, we enhanced the User Experience and made the website easier to navigate.

We combined a clean look with a pop of colour from the Olympic rings that are associated with the different coffee beans. We also incorporated the new photo's and videos that not only added a personal touch and looked fresh, but also clearly showed how to use the product.

Social Media

During the Olympic Games, Cornelius and Ellia left the Brew'22 Instagram and Facebook management up to us. The perfect time to combine the coffee content with Olympic updates and strategic sales posts. The alternation of personal posts about achievements to product-specific information and delivery times led to a growth in followers and orders.

All the publicity also led to many requests for collaborations. Because Ellia and Cornelius were working on something much bigger, we took everything into our hands, selected the right partners and organised giveaways with larger brands to create more brand awareness.