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Creating the perfect branding for a successful app launch



Build a strong brand image for the application ‘ANN’ which is completely new in the field of ‘Domain Driven Design’. The app helps teams and individuals with their Event Storming process and is a simple ‘add-on’ to software programs as Miro; providing useful tools and being a true guide. As a new app, it was even more important to visualise its function, making potential customers curious to try it out. The slogan? Try it with ANN!


- Research & strategy advice
- Branding
- Web design
- Web development


We chose to incorporate the element of 'personification' by introducing the creature 'ANN'—your go-to for assistance. 'Try it with ANN,' a reachable, friendly add-on to your process. To enhance this concept, we opted for warm colours and dynamic shapes to visualise action elements. We've virtually created 'mountains' symbolizing the journey with ANN as your guide, navigating the ups and downs of the development process to reach the top safely and efficiently. At the top, you'll find your latest invention!


Being a DDD-consultant, Marijn Huizendveld has developed many applications within this field. We created the branding for all apps making sure they all looked part of one family.

The logos share the same colour elements and/or shape dimensions:
- Pagination
- Chameleon
- Marijn Huizendveld B.V.

Website design

Note we are currently constructing the website which will be launched later in 2024.